3 Cold Realities to a Music Career – For Independent Artists

Get Realistic

You’re pursuing your passion, the gigs are becoming more regular and the revenue starts flowing in. There’s no reason for your dreamboat to tank, right?


Truth is: A music career today is a state of flux. Competition becomes more fierce, and if you want to stay ahead of the curve, you need to keep putting in hard work. Your popularity level isn’t going to sustain itself.

Once you set sail, you realize there’s a lot more to it than what appears on surface. Here are some cold harsh realities of a music career, which you as an artist should brace for:

Investment is Inevitable

Gear is essential and expensive.

As your audience grows, so will the need to buy higher end (more sophisticated) gear. Here’s where most of your earnings will be channeled to. Don’t forget: there’s marketing, endless photo shoots and promotions too. Coming up with fresh investments will become a challenging financial affair – especially for independent artists.

Getting paid can become an issue too sometimes – since gigs are not promised to keep pouring in. Things will slow down at times, and you have to accept that.

Up and Downs – Part & Parcel

Everyday will not be a sunny day.

You could be drowning yourself in work at times and be out-of-work for a major part of the year. Inspiration will come by harder than before. Keeping your audience engaged via social marketing and through events is also a continuous task. And, you have to keep making ‘better sounds’- there will always be new artists prying for a piece of the pie in your market.

You’ll be inundated with so much work that it will bring your work morale down.

This may all sound discouraging – but those that can overcome this will most likely prevail.


Learning Must be a Lifetime Process

Learning will never stop.

There is no such thing as stopping to catch your breath in this game. If you are not sharpening your skills with your instrument, you risk falling behind. Independent musicians today are expected to do much more than make music. Sometimes you even have to be the sound designer, the PR and the marketer all rolled into one. Are you ready to learn it all?

Cold realities will exist – but take it all as a beauty in disguise. An opportunity for growth. The reason why you’ll win, is when you invest more in yourself, and in making better music

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