3 Hot Tips – How to Market Your Music Online

How To Market Your Music Online – For Serious Artists

Give your sounds and career the sales traction it needs.

In today’s digital age, if you’re not promoting your music online (and correctly) – you’re leaving a lot of money on the table.

The reality is: Most artists stop putting in work after filling in the registration forms. They create an account on a social media platform, but they’re lost from there.

It’s now increasingly harder to cut through the clutter, competition and noise. No worries, we’ll help you reach the right audience for you.

Here’s a quick 3-step guide to an effective digital marketing strategy to help put up some numbers.

Share All You Can – On All Networks

Don’t be stingy with your music. Don’t be afraid to give it away for free – the more free downloads, the better. Think of it as a free form of advertisement when people ‘share’ your music – even without your consent. You should be happy that people are giving you their time of the day.

The real money — from sponsors and shows — will come when you’ve built a big enough fan base.

In terms of social networks, the best place to start is Soundcloud. Your music must be there – it’s like the Linkedin for professionals. Do not forget to provide an engaging profile and upload all your music. When you have time, interact with other artists on the community there. If a user comments on your profile or music, comment back. Show that you care about building strong relations with your fan.

After that, power up all your other first-tier social networks using Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram even.Don’t just fill in the basic details, keep on posting value there.

The power of social media lies in the cumulative effect of all the work you put in- along with consistency. That’s how to market your music effectively, wrapped in a bag.

Keep a regular flow of posts, images, blog posts, snippets and tracks. Anything that will keep your fans and viewers engaged will do. It doesn’t have to be music. You need content for your audience to digest. This is positioning your brand as an artist inside their ‘busy life’.

Build Online Relationships

Collaborate with other artists in your similar genre and share Youtube presence with them. Other online relationships can be built with other websites in similar genre, online radio, music forums and journals, and relevant facebook pages and groups.

Blend is a great upcoming site to help you collaborate with other artists.

Create a One-Stop Web Presence

Lastly, create a personal website that streamlines all your online presence in one place.

Share not just your music, but your merchandise (if you have any) here. Keep your audience engaged regularly with updates.

Is it your birthday? share it. Did you travel somewhere fun? Share photos. It’s no longer just about your music, but what’s happening in your life. Feed your fan’s inner vicarious soul.

Bonus Tip: Podcasts are now also a great way to build personal relationships with your listeners. You’ve already got he equipments, now you just need to sign up with Apple iTunes. Again, this comes down to consistency and delivering. An effective and up-to-date site spells out professionalism and ‘worthiness’.


Your online presence is definitely important; but nothing replaces the quality and ‘amazingness’ of your music. Once you start treading into online marketing, things will get pretty overwhelming and time-consuming. Stay organized as you go – get an assistant to help promote your music socially when you can. Make sure all the heavy lifting doesn’t damper your creativity.

Lastly, don’t ever stop being consistent with marketing.

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