3 Ways to Make Your Music Career Profitable

Hack Your Music Career

Think it’s near-impossible to have a shot with a sustainable and money-making music career? Think again.

It’s tough, but it’s not impossible to make a profitable career in music. You may still circumvent having a side-job to support your undying connection with music.

Done right, music can be as profitable a career as any. Nowadays it can be a “real job – a little wit and grit will go along way to helping you “make it”. Sounds good? Ok, see the three pillars as your roadmap to a profitable career.

The ‘Positioning’ Factor

Identify your audience. Choose a style and stick to it. Be true to yourself and your listeners. Don’t try to please everyone – you can’t.

You need to garner a specific following and being fickle won’t help you with it. Once you get your positioning right, start promoting yourself; stay connected to your listeners always. Social networking is your savior.

Find Alternate Avenues

If the live shows aren’t bringing in the revenue, find alternative platforms to market your music. We’ve mentioned it before, you can sell your music online. Find online distribution networks such as TuneCore.

Go digital. Put your originals out there. Think how many artists have made it big on Youtube lately!

Also, improvise and find alternate venues to play in. Sometimes even playing in cafes or organizing theme shows can help you reach a new audience. Collaborate when you can!

Create Quality Work – Always

Half baked efforts will get you nowhere. Quality beats quantity any day! Get to know your craft better, keep learning. Remember, great music is bound to be noticed and appreciated!

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