Driving More Traffic With A Blog To Your Page

What up bloggers!

If the term ‘blogger’ still sounds unfamiliar to you, it’s time to come out the stone-age, and play in the digital-age’s sunshine.

Setting up your own blog for your brand is a must-have promotional tool for your clothing line. Here are several ways where you can drive more traffic to your blog easily, and for free.


1. Join My BlogLog

You see it on streetwearxhiphop.com, the widget that is.

I’ve registered with mybloglog.com which is owned by Yahoo as it helps boost your visibility with other bloggers online.

You can create your own account now, and set yourself as a “Community”. Once that’s complete, you’ve officially exposed your blog nakedly to the world.

You’ll then want to add the widget (html code) which they’ll provide to you blog. Start growing your list of friend’s after.

Oh, do add us too.


2. Update Your Forum Signatures

I know most of you are already members of several online streetwear forums, most likely Hypbeast or Solecollector.
Well, insert your blog link into your signatures and increase the visibility post-by-post.
You can easily insert your blog link by editing it in your user control panel.


3. Leave a Comment on Other Blogs

Go to http://blogsearch.google.com and build yourself a list
of blogs related to yours.

You’ll then want to participate in the popular discussions on the blog. Don’t be shy. Go ahead and share your thoughts.

The key is to sincerely contribute, not blatantly reveal your itch to promote your link. A half baked spammy comment is wack. Ok?
Here’s what happens.

When people read your comment, they will follow through to click on the link you left, just to see what golden nuggets they can get from you.

They may even subscribe to your RSS feed and become repeat readers.


4. Submit Your Posts to Blog Aggregators

Blog agg-a-what?

A “blog aggregator” displays the latest posts from other
blogs, and most of them are free-of-charge to submit
your posts.

http://www.plugim.com (Internet marketing blogs only)

If your posts are interesting enough, others will vote for
them and if you make it to the front page you’ll be getting
a lot of traffic.


5. Review, Review, Review Other Blogs!

There are tons of other bloggers that are also street wear enthusiasts or fanatics online. Approach them personally by sending e-mail touching on how you’d like a “rReview exchange”.

This is where they write a review on your blog, where you then reciprocate the love –I mean favor – by writing a review on their blogs.

Most bloggers, especially those that just started out will be interested. Now that’s the blogger spirit!

Hope that helps,

Andrew Wang


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