Epic! UC vs Shiuan | A Battle For Life | Hip Hop Dance Battle Videos

UC vs Shiuan | Hip Hop Dance Battle Videos

This exclusive video from DANCE@LIVE TAIWAN 2014 will make you realize how Hip hop and Break dance has grown massively over the past century and now is way wider than it was orignially know. In this video, you will see a thrilled up battle between UC and Shiuan.

This video is surely going to capture the attention fo all avid hiphop dancers around the world.

Watch the two participants rock the stage on fire with there heartpounding adrenaline filled waves, lock and pops, R&B tuttings, hypnotizing bugaloos as they breakdance on the floor. This is absolutely a masterpiece performance.

The competitors are really skillful hiphop practitionaires. Enjoy these worth watching hip hop dance battle videos.

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