[Exclusive!] Interview x Black Dewa | Clothing Label

Interview x Black Dewa | Australian Urban Wear Brand

Catch the inspiring interview with Black Dewa Clothing, a 2013 start-up brand from Australia.

1. What is the start-up story behind your brand?

I have always been a creative type and wanted to produce something that i could share with the world. I started out as a personal assistant for another designer, it was through her mistreatment towards not only me but to all her staff that really pushed me to break off and start producing my baby ‘Black Dewa’.

2. Describe your visual concepts, what is it like? What are three words that best define it?

My brand oozes freedom of speech, individuality and difference. I tend to push the norm these days mainly in my campaign shoots; often depicting rebellion, through aggression, smoking and provocative postures.

3. In three words, characterize who you are.

Determined, career driven, loves to party

4. What’s something that’s always running inside your mind lately?

New Collection due out soon.

5. Being in your position, I’m sure it can be overwhelming with the workload. How do you achieve balance in life?

through music, and photography. My two partners in crime.

6. What’s one incident that would serve as a turning point to your life?

Moving abroad to Indonesia and living there for 2 years.

7. What three pieces of advice would you give to others when it comes to life & career?

– Leave yourself open to every opportunity that presents itself.
– As hard as it may be don’t let your work consume you.
– Failure is not an option! if you want it bad enough you will get it.

8. What’s a typical day in your life like?

Sleep, eat, promote, create, eat, emails, eat, sleep.

9. What’s one of the highlighting moment in your career? Why is it so?

My very first sale of course. Like any designer would agree with me when i say that its kind of like a reassurance that your doing the right thing. AND PEOPLE LIKE IT!!!!

10. What stops you from throwing in the towel and giving up during those frustrating days of being in this industry?

I have worked to hard to quit now and there are too many good days to dwell on the shit ones.

11. Biggest risk ever taken?

Moving abroad for so long.

12. Who has influenced you most and been your greatest inspiration?

Anyone and everyone that is willing to take the biggest risk of all in todays society; to be themselves, without fear of rejection. Thats really cool! I admire anyone that can embrace themselves.

13. How do you go about marketing your business or yourself? What has been your most successful form of marketing?

This is the best part haha any excuse to go out and ‘Network’ as my dad calls it with people from the same industry. Can I just say they are crazy I love it!!! Oh and online marketing to haha.

14. Where do you see Black Dewa in 5 years? 10 years?

I try not to think too far ahead I’m just hanging in today and loving it. But hopefully expanding and growing within the industry.

15. What’s the first thing you would say to the world if all attention was on you right now?

Its time to stop pleasing and start living!!!

Thanks again for your time & effort! The people here look forward to seeing this!

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