Good Ink Clothing Brand 2009 Collection

Good Ink Clothing’s is an upcoming streetwear clothing brand hailing from the sunny side of Los Angeles.

Surprisingly, they share the same brand philosophy as the camp at LUXLIVIN: Time flies, so squeeze every drop of juice out of it.

“Time is so regretfully short, so sparse, that there doesn’t seem to be enough time to live, laugh and love all of the experiences afforded to us.”

It’s true. Most of us tend to overlook the fact that we have so much life to live for, yet we let it slip away like a fist full of escaping sand.

They said it best… “Render each minute as an opportunity for reincarnation.”

Mad respect to Good Ink for being charity-driven and environmentally conscious. We need more selfless and life inspiring companies like them. All shirts are guaranteed high quality grade, adopting a full discharge printing method, and with all labels being tagless -printed, even with organic ink.

For more information on the streetwear clothing brand Good Ink Clothing, make sure you check them out when you have time.

Website: Good Ink Clothing
Good Ink Blog : Good Ink Blog

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