Insightful Post About “Minimalism” During Recession

Being a frequenter on Hypebeast forums, I stumbled across this reflective post on the current state of fashion under recession’s cold grip. This aroused an inner speculation that the economical crisis will, if not already, alter the course of streetwear fashion designs during this year. Could conservatism in taste be the new ideal glamor?

Minimalism describes movements in various forms of art and design, especially visual art and music, where the work is stripped down to its most fundamental features.

“I feel like more people are practicing this in the new recession. I know I have been scaling back purchases down to those that I really need/want and best represent myself in the most direct or simple ways. Unessential purchases have all been cut out. I feel like this one way to get back to the fundamental core of streetwear.

In that way, I am welcoming the recession as the cure to the last decade in which streetwear took on a melodramatic tone and was a style of excess instead of a refined art form, in which the clothes represent more than just stereotypical or empty trends. When consumers are forced to focus on every purchase, every purchase becomes important, in turn creating a style based on intelligent consumerism.

If you know the different minimalist art movements, or fluxus art, you can see how style and outfits can become in their own way an artistic expression. In that way, I don’t see this as over analyzing fashion and streetwear but more of a way of taking an understanding of art and art movements and applying it to streetwear.

Anyone else feel like they are adopting this sense of streetwear minimalism because of the recession, or is it just a decision to just filter your wardrobe for a better overall style or look?”

— Jack


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