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We’re always open to new talent submissions! Below are the current job openings. If you feel like you’d fit in snugly and excel in this area, shoot us an -mail!

All work will be compensated by milestones met. For e.g, you’ll be paid for every 30 entries completed.

Location: Work from wherever you feel most comfortable. Home, your local coffee shop, wherever you find your “zone”.

Positions Available

1. Junior Writers (3)

2. Social Media Specialists. Help push what we’ve written here! We have a step-by-step playbook on how to promote our content here.

Author League – Requirements:

Should have a deep-passion and broad understanding of the street fashion culture. What’s hot now? What’s the future trend? How was the scene like during the past?

You’ll be covering topics ranging from: Sneakers, accessories, gadgets, clothing, events.

You will be curating and crafting high-quality content articles. They must be entirely original (we use a proprietary plagiarism software to detect duplicate content – in which we may ask you to resign if you simply copy & paste. We know that’s not your style.)

We’re also open to new ideas and roles in which you can contribute with.

Apply now at:

Job Summary

Discovering New Content. Keep an eye and ear out for “what’s happening”.

Creating Content & Formatting it according to our standards.

Editing/Refining what you’ve written.

Spreading it. Socially.


Self-Initiated. Detail oriented.

Keeping the written content: Engaging, Empowering, Educational, Entertaining. We expect there to be “no fluff”, and pure quality with an unbiased approach.

Highly Productive – Either to create new content and share it.

Teamwork minded.

Growing awareness and “pulse” on the street fashion scene. Also, what would a typical streetwear magazine feature? You should know this.

As long as you’re a street fashion aficionado, we’d love to hear from. No need for a journalistic or English literature background; we have an Author’s Compass on deck which will help polish your writing skills if necessary.

Send us a sample of your latest written work to

In the subject, write: SXH Author’s League Registration


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