KusoPop x Puff Nation x Maihiro Toys and Tees

KusoPop and Puff Nation have come together to bring you an amazing artistic collaboration.

Puff Nation Apparels Inc. Is a street-wear/ graphics design company based out of Vancouver, Canada.

Along with KusoPop, their similar ideations and goals for their respective companies and audience have come together to make a unique piece of art.

Using Kuso Pop artist Nakanari’s signature character Spiki as a base for one of Puff Nation’s signature characters the [king penguin] this vinyl toy is sure to be coveted for a fans collection.

Nakanari’s most recent project the Spiki chisai in red recently sold out in just 2 days, we are hoping this collection will do the same.

There are only 40 of this collaboration piece that have been made available in the state, and will come as a set along with a Puff Nation/Kuso Pop collaboration T-shirt featuring the [king penguin] and Kuso Pop’s signature character kuso pon.

Each set will be retailed at $45. The set has already been sold out in Taiwan the first day (2/14/2011) it released. We will be taking pre-order on Feb. 22nd, 2011 at www.kusopop.com.

Both of these brands are coveted by celebrities nation and world wide.—models Linda le, Jeri Lee, and rappers the Ying Yang Twins and Lil’ Jon just to name-drop a few.

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