Look! Hip Hop Dance Video | LIVE Dance Solo Performances

Hip Hop Dance Video | Dance Live Solo Performances 2014

Check out this video for some awesome and classic Hip Hop Judge Solo performances from the DANCE@LIVE TAIWAN 2014 program.

Hip Hop freestyle is among the fastest growing and most popular dance art around the world. This video has some praiseworthy steps and moves that will grab the attention of many hip hop artists from all parts of the world.

Take notes of the neat and skillful floor works with advanced level popping skills. Brilliantly performed Dougie and Nae Nae steps will leave you awed and amazed. See if you can perform one of those hot Pro level Langston Footwork moves. These artists had to go through a long way to be here.

This hip hop dance video shows how hip hop has evolved massively in Taiwan. Enjoy!

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