Must See! Hiphop For Life | Salah vs Wapper | Japan Hip Hop Battle Video

Hip Hop 4 Life | Salah vs Wapper | Japan Hip Hop Battle Video

Street dance is brilliantly performed on this Final round of Freestyle DANCE@LIVE CHINA 2014. This video showcases the amazing thrilled up battle between Salah and Wapper.

Mindblowing R&B freestyle, expressive hip hop moves with electrifying waves, lock and pops and advanced level tuttings – This video shows some of the most extraordinary dance moves out there. Dance artists from all over the world will love watching this performance.

These artists have come through a long route to be here. @LIVE competitions are among the most popular competitions held out there.

This Japan hip hop battle video showcases some extensive use of professional level Hiphop moves. Watch on and Enjoy!

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