[MUST SEE!] “Last of the Flohicans” Asher Roth feat. Major Myjah


Official Music Video | Asher Roth feat. Major Myjah “Last of the Flohicans”

Get the feel of Asher Roth‘s enigmatic single “Last of the Flohicans” featuring Major Myjah. The Blended Babies produced track is directed by Ken Koller and appears in Asher’s album RetroHash.

True to the album name (which is also an anagram of the singer’s name), Last of the Flohicans is brewed to taste with a heady dose of addictive vintage music. Asher Roth’s own take on the song is that ” .. it represents the death of ego. Removing ‘I’ from the situation and living a life built around courage and love.”

Stay in the shade, keep the pain away
Or take a break long enough to make them say
Live in your heart and not your head stupid

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