[NEW!] Adidas Originals Blue Matchplay “Remix Oddity”





Let’s all together take a closer look at Adidas Originals Blue Matchplay “Remix Oddity”

If we compare the recent release of the adidas Originals Blue “Remix Oddity” with Matchplay “Remix Oddity” first things that we can notice are some big differences in colors. Like, we all know, adidas was always doing experiments with colors of their products, but this one is unique. On one product we can see combinations of both warm and cold colors, but also there is the, neutral, white. Like always, they did quite a good job by mixing and putting all of those together, in fact shoes look really nice and are easy to combine with different types of outfits.

Design and colors are, again, perfectly combined and unique. Classic silhouette has been reworked with an eye-catching mix of colors, and combination of navy leather and light green for the upper, and a rubber sole has been done in a two-tone red and white that look really good next to each other. As a finall touch to this very good looking combination, a white leather heel tab with gold branding and mismatched insoles have been added.

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