[NEW!] Ontour Fall/Winter 2015 Collection

 Ontour Fall/Winter 2015 “Trippin” Collection

A contemporary Dutch brand Ontour has just released great selections of streetwear clothing for their Fall/Winter 2015 collection, themed “Trippin”. Ontour has been recognized by its bold and unique style. Let’s see what they offer for Fall/Winter 2015.

Inspired by the idea of modern traveller, Ontour Fall/Winter 2015 collection designed with quality materials, classic and minimalist silhouettes with a touch of modern elements. They offer men’s essentials such as outerwear, button-ups and bottoms.

The theme of mind travel can be seen throughout the whole collection with unique graphics, patterns and colors. The colors that they use are neutral color palette, such as black, gray, white, red, and blue. With minimalist approach to the designs, the trousers stand out the most because of its tailoring for exaggerated tapered fit.

Check out Ontour Fall/Winter 2015 collection and head to their official website to buy your favorite items! Also, check this street fashion shoes at sneakerprestige.com

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