Watch! Taisuke vs. Issei | Hip Hop Dance Battles

Taisuke vs Issei | Hip Hop Dance Battle

A stunning battle between Taisuke and Issei at DANCE@LIVE JAPAN 2014. The two great talented dancers unleashed some of the most tactical and advanced level break dance moves along with some of their own innovative moves on the stage.

Surely, this is a video which break dancers and Taisuke – Issei fans would want never want to miss. Issei has his own special remixed extraordinary wind mills, spins with mindblowing flares and a neat awardable freeze.

But the battle gets heated up and the stage is set on fire after Taisuke unleashes his own maestro level air swipes steps.

Who do you think is the best? This video will absolutely blow your minds off with every adrenaline filled moves of Taisuke and Issei.

Watch on and Enjoy!

Battle: Hip Hop Dance Battle between Taisuke and Issie!

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