Watch! The Hiphop Dance Video 2014 | Snow vs Aj

The Hip Hop Dance Video 2014 | Snow vs Aj | Live in Taiwan

In this exclusive video of DANCE@LIVE TAIWAN 2014, watch the two participants, Snow and AJ, brag on their praiseworthy Hiphop moves and engage in a thrilling dance battle.

Extensive up rockin moves, electrifying robotics, master level tuts with a mixture of some brilliantly performed lock, pop and wave moves – AJ and Snow has put forward some of the most powerful master level challenges against each other. Who do you think wins the floor?

These artists have come through a long route to be here. @LIVE competitions are among the most popular competitions held out there.

Watch the hiphop dance video and get introduced to the massive improvement of Taiwan’s hiphop levels.

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