Watch! Way vs Nike Hip Hop Dance Battle | Who’s the Best on the Dance Floor

Who’s the Best on the Dance Floor | Way vs Nike | Hip Hop Dance Battle Video

Perfection has always been the result of passion and dedication. Here is a video of the heated up battle between two perfectionists – Way and Nike ; from the exclusive DANCE@LIVE TAIWAN 2014 competition.

Watch Nike electrify the stage with her lock and pop; boogaloo; twerks; maestro level swift krumps – with a remix of break dance : powerful enough to leave the audience stunned on their seats. Way puts forward a massive shot by his breathtaking body wave; lock and pop; bouncing with his R&B and Pop fusion rhythm as he moves on the floor.

Taiwan is one of the places where Hiphop is most widely practised and popular among teenagers. Way and Nike surely has put forward a tough match in this competition. Who do you support?

This video showcases some extensive use of professional level Hiphop moves. Watch on and Enjoy!

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